January 15, 2008

Louisiana - New Orleans!

Herta, Erhard & I drove to the Crescent City today to see how the French Quarter and a few other areas had recovered from Katrina. We started the journey at Jackson Square, and then walked over to Cafe DuMonde. Since we had already breakfasted, we didn't sample the beignets, but did manage to sample some great fingerstyle blues and a "permanent" mime! Oh, and we are ready for Mardi Gras!

The most obvious changes since "pre-Katrina" were the meticulously clean streets and the lack of crowds. I guess the storm has brought some benefits, and some disappointments.

My German friends were anxious to see Bourbon St, so we cut across to Jean Lafitte's to start with one of the oldest buildings in the Quarter then worked our way to Canal, still amazed at the clean surroundings and lack of people.

t's always fun to hop on the Streetcar to Uptown, where we walked St Charles, then strolled down Washington to see the #1 cemetary. I didn't remember, but as luck would have it, Erhard & Herta were surprised to see the German ancestry prevalent here. They were also fascinated by the above ground tombs since they had never seem anything like them in Europe.

We had lunch at Commander's Palace (excellent!) returned to walk Royal, then headed back to Fountainbleau, where their big MAN RV awaited. Erhard treated me to a German beer and some great music!

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