March 26, 2008

The Fly Room and an Anniversary Mistake

A few weeks back we saw on our calendar that we'd be in the Farmington area for some warranty work on our trailer right around the time of our first anniversary. Having bought our trailer in Farmington back in Nov. of 06, we decided that the dealer should be the one to do the few minor repairs that we needed done. What really needed to be done and why we are still there a week later in a whole other story. Sam will fill you in on that later.

Back to our first anniversary......

We made reservations at the Kokopelli's Cave while back in west TX. We remembered reading about it while in Farmington when we purchased the trailer. Neither or us are very good at remembering days and dates since we've been on the road. Somehow had the wrong date in our heads. We called up the hostess of the cave the day we thought we were supposed to be there to confirm our reservation. We were very surprised to hear her say that our reservations weren't till the next day!

Since we had the trailer in for repair, we had to find another place to spend the night - quick. We normally don't like to stay in hotels and motels so we started searching the internet for cabins or bed and breakfasts in the area. There were a few B and B's but nothing that appealed to us. We finally found a few fishing lodges that rented rooms. We called up to find out about availability and were warmly received by the manager on the phone. She was very excited about our interest and wanted us to know that this was not a luxury accomodation. She told us that she would not be there when we arrived and told us where to find the key. We made ourselves at home in the Fly Room at the Enchanted Lodge.

We ended up being the only people in the whole "lodge" all night. We had the outdoor hottub to ourselves and an enjoyable grilled meal on the patio.

Not bad for finding something quick!

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