May 2, 2008

Trying to Catch Up!!!!

just a quick you can see from the sheer size of the last few posts, WE LOVED THE entire Colorado Plateau & Four Corners AREA ....especially Utah.... a land of fun toys, and romping play!

we have moved on to stay with friends in Nampa ID for a couple of days, then plan to head to the Komfort factory in Clackamas, OR for final trailer warranty work...then North to Alaska!

we have a rompin' high speed connection here, but are still a few posts behind due to editing of hundreds of photos, then trying to pick those very few that truly give you the feel for the variety & beauty out here....

so, thanks for your patience, hang in there, keep checking the Blog every few days, and by all means, plan a trip for yourself to this area for this Fall or next'll love it too!


Rod & Jean B. said...

Enjoying your journey through Utah an area where we have not spent much time and your pictures and words are more than wetting our desires to take it in soon. Thanks for sharing so much and take your time to bring us the best of the adventure.

Cynde Lou said...

Gosh, we appreciate what you're doing for us. Don't spoil your trip by getting stressed out being worried that your postings are a little behind--have fun and catch up when you can! We'll wait, ok?