June 3, 2009

UPDATED_Visit with Family and Yellow Springs, Ohio

When I saw our path north to Minnesota was going to pass through Ohio, I knew I needed to make an effort to see my dad's sister and my cousins. I hadn't seen them in over 30 years!

My dad's family lives in the city of Springfield, not too far from the city of Dayton. We also wanted to visit the Air Force museum in Dayton to chose a campground halfway between the two cities.
To our pleasant surprise, this put us outside the nice small town of Yellow Springs. This artsy, fun town was filled with art galleries, fantastic restaurants, art and food co-ops and interesting gift shops.

The state park where we camped was a very well kept, quiet place. We pulled in next to a tee pee that was rented by a local camper.

Sam really enjoyed the friendly & quaint atmosphere of Yellow Springs. Each morning was spent at the local coffee shop, commonly referred to as "the living room of the town", where coffee, breakfast, and live music are served every day!

After a day of visiting the Air Force Museum (in another post), we set out for Springfield.
My cousin Tim and his wife Ellie live in what used to be my grandma's house. My other cousins Mike and Vickie along with my aunt Dottie all came by to visit. We had a great visit with talks about old times, grandma and updating on what was going on in our lives today.

Before we leave, Sam snaps a picture of the whole group. Thanks Tim for getting everyone together and for the great visit!

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