December 20, 2009

Silver City - Mogollon Ghost Town

After leaving the Catwalk, we drove farther west to find a winding, narrow road up over a 7500 ft pass and then down into the Mogollon Valley, where and old mining town awaits our visit.

Although the drive up the pass tested our courage in a few spots, the rewarding views back behind us were worth a few stops "on the edge".

Farther along we start to see evidence of days past mining operations.

Upon arrival at the ghost town, we park the truck and walk the half mile or so up the small canyon through the old main street.

It's cold and dark in this crevice, not a sole in sight and dead quiet as we work our way past relics of by-gone days.  This truly is a ghost town today...what an eerie feeling!

Obviously the summer only residents have done an excellent job of preserving the look and feel of the original dwellings, adding to the charm of it all.

Relics of the past line the street as we proceed ----

------reaching the summit of Main St we climb a slight grade to the west, and get a nice view from atop an overlooking ridge.

As we walk back through the utter quiet of the past, I notice crumbling signs of the past.

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LiveWorkDream said...

Hey guys, so cool you made it up there! Wish I wouldda known because I would've told you that the woman who runs the Pie-O-Neer restaurant in Pie Town is the partner of the guy who runs the Mogollon B&B there. They invited us up, we have always wanted to see it. Now that you're in the area, we definitely will!