July 24, 2010

Jonathan's Here!

Picked up my almost 13 year old Grandson Wednesday at the airport in El Paso and we sure have been having some fun! 

 It didn't take him but a few hours of practice Thursday to get the hang of riding the 4-wheeler, starting out by modest runs up & down the driveway (which makes a pretty good training ground for the beginner!)

Yesterday we took a break from the machines and explored the Catwalk.  Although I've done this three times before, I was stunned at how different things looked now that we're in the rainey season.  The amount of folage had quadrupled and everything is so, so green!
We had to try the waters, but with cloudy skies and a water temp around 50-ish, the feet couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes at a time.  I guess we need to come back on a hot day and see if we could take a longer dip.
On the way out, we stop at the "real" swimming hole, and the kid comes out as Jonathan has to brave it climbing atop the rocks just above the cold rushing waters. 

In spite of a slip or two, we manage to leave the creek with dry clothes and happy smiles!

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