May 13, 2014

Deschutes River Discovery & Walk

ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-001Before heading into Bend, I had spent the night at a “snowpark” on Hwy 97.  These area areas where a huge parking lot is available at the intersection of snowmobile & cross country ski trails. 

They can be used for overnite stays without fees and have picnic areas and restrooms.  I was surprised to see frost for the first time when I awoke this morning.

ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-003South of bend, I saw a sign about “Deschutes River Access” and since I knew I would be fishing it sooner or later, stopped to investigate.  First thing I noticed was a large sign outlining canoe & float trails through the area, with appropriate take-outs & put-ins that avoid the few rapids that are along this area. (Upper Deschutes). As luck would have it another sign stated that fishing wasn’t open yet.

The trail looked nice and appeared to be a local favorite.  Since I have been trying to walk at least 3 miles a day, off I went downriver.  The crossing at an old log jam proved an interesting area for birding, with many insects moving down near the water.ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-005

ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-004ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-006ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-008ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-009ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-011ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-019

You just never know quite what to expect when you stop somewhere, but this indeed turned out to be a beautiful walk along what’s got to be one of the prettiest rivers in America!

ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-0011ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-012ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-014

I walked to a nice falls area, and just enjoyed the water and sounds. 

ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-016

As I returned back across the bridge at the log jam, I thought to myself: “What a great way to start a morning!”ALASKA 2014 Deschutes River Walk-004a


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