May 31, 2008

ALASKA HIGHWAY - Liard Hot Springs

If you are ever, ever on the Ak Hwy, this is an absolute must stop. We spent three wonderful days & nights here, and definitely re-enforced our love of the Canadian Provincial Parks.

These folks seem to have a knack for picking nice spots, constructing & maintaining clean beautiful spaces and deliviering them at a bargain price ($12 per nite typically, which includes firewood at many!). Liard Springs is certainly no exception, and offers even more! Imagine having your own spa in a lush tropical setting, in the middle of a campground in the far North. What a deal!

We took advantage of the soothing waters at least twice a day, and on the final morning, I opted to grab the camera and document this intriguing spot.

As I approached the 1/4 mile long boardwalk that links the camping area to the Springs, I noticed a lone photographer up ahead. Of course, it was Bob, out early checking out the birds.

On closer inspection I found the subject of his long lens, enjoying early feeding in the warm ponds that eminate from the hot waters above. As I myself took closer look for a shot, I began to wonder just who was watching who....
The vegetation thickens along the boardwalk as the water & surface temps rise closer to the source of this continuous warmth. It's bizarre to see the tropical greenery growing out here with snow-capped peaks looming in the distance.
I finally reach the "Alpha Pool" to find it's waters steaming as usual, since the air temp is about 50 degrees F.

The source of the heated liquid is at one end, coming out at roughly 125, too hot for one to enjoy. But, further down the Pool, the hot waters are tempered a bit, and I find Kim bathing in luxury near the far end!


Cynde Lou said...

What an unusually pretty duck that is. No...wait...that's KIM!!! She's taking a dip in the "Alpha Pool!"
>>>>>"Hi, Kim!"<<<<<
That's such a beautiful place to be. Nice pictures you took, as usual, Sam.

Rene Olivares B said...

Cada vez mas me deleito con las fotos que han subido posu al grande de Norteamerica, los felicito, fotografias bien logradas.
Hey me adueƱe de una y la coloque como fondo de escritorio "I finally reach the "Alpha Pool" to find it's waters steaming as usual, since the air temp is about 50 degrees F." Esta me gusto mucho y parece que me transportaba al lugar.
Felicitaciones otra vez