May 31, 2008

YUKON TERRITORY & the Signpost Forest

I remember hearing and reading stories from childhood about the Yukon. It has the distinct honor of being THE Canadian province that provides the link between the lower 48 and Alaska, and is the subject of many a story of the late 1800 goldrush. Equally famous, the Yukon River has been the dream of many a canoeist, and continues to be the setting for many great paddles and several major canoe races today.

Just as we cross into the Yukon Territory, we get a pulloff for our first view of this mighty legend...and this is only near its origin. We begin to imagine what it will be like as we proceed northward & westward towards the sea.

Today we see many more bears, I think I remember counting eight, and a few other black colored creatures that always seem to show up at any snack or lunch break.

As we are cruising through the small community of Watson Lake, we notice an interesting park over to our right. Something told us this deserves a closer look. It is in fact the "Signpost Forest" started by a WWII soldier and continuing today with over 70,000 signs!

The photo here doesn't begin to show the rows & rows of colorful contributions that come from all over the world....

Moving through, enjoying the variety and uniqueness of the many posts, I begin to look for signs from Louisiana, and start to find a few.

Since we had not learned about this place in advance, we were not prepared with one of our own, but soon after arriving, I hear Joy screaming, "look, come see, hey, get over here". And to our surprise, she had found laying on the ground way in the back, the perfect sign for us to use!

Bob & I did a little cleaning & fixin' and with the help of a few new screws and a drill-gun, we put this baby back in business...right near the front row. So, when you go through, be sure and look for us here!


LiveWorkDream said...

Love love love those photos! I'm always so impressed at your timeliness in getting them online.

What a milestone, congrats. I'm envious.

Cynde Lou said...

That signpost forest is the coolest idea I've ever heard of! I love it! From now on, we're gonna carry one with us, just in case. I'm so glad you found one you could post in there to represent yourselves! The Lord sure intervened for you that time, huh?