December 30, 2009

Gila Burro Mountains Cabin - Part 1 The Property

Situated about 12 miles as the crow flies west-southwest of Silver City is a section and a half of private land within the 196,000 acre Burro Mountain portion of the Gila National Forest (the light green patch near the center).  Our new "home" is located on 15 acres at 53 Rafter D Road (you can do a Google map search and zoom right in on it!).  The Gila National Forest is a total of 3.3 million acres, with about 600,000 being designated wilderness (Aldo Leopold and Gila Wilderness). (The large light green patch across the entire upper part of this map)

Driving into the property from Rafter D, you first pass the guest casita off to the right, climb a small hill with the drive curving around this beautiful old alligator juniper. 

The cabin is nestled about halfway up a small draw, protected on both sides.

Walking up the draw behind the cabin, I glance back and get this view of the mountains in the distance (facing northeast).

A little higher up gives us a great view of the cabin complex, which includes a storage shed, a covered dog pen, two portable carports (only one can be seen here) and a large "ramada" carport in front of the cabin, which we plan to use as part of the patio.

Looking to the left, we can barely see the roof of the casita (center laft in the photo), with that stunning view in the distance.

The views from the top of the property (about 150 ft above the dwellings) are awesome!  Facing east here:

More northeastward:

And on top looking due north over the Gila Forest!


Linda said...

Kim and Sam, you have a beautiful property! Welcome to Silver and I hope you enjoy it for years to come! I have friends in the Burros - on Diamond A. I just love it out there! Thanks for sharing photos of our beautiful area! Best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful 2010!

Matt & Jenny said...

Hi Guys!
Wow! This is incredible! Please expand on "our new home." Is this a home base now for you? Are you land locked now?
Just took a few minutes to look around, but all seems to be going well with you...that's great.
Matt & Jenny

Kim and Sam said...

Plan is to winter here and travel half the year in the summers! We will get our smaller TrailBlazer trailer back (it never sold) and sell the 29' AlpenLite SpyGlass 5th Wheel

LilBigfoot said...

Hello....just checked in on you guys after many months and am Wowed by your adventures. Now a great Homestead. We met you a couple years ago at the Rockport Provincial Campground in Ontario. Remember..." All who Wander are not Lost!"

Don and Jan

Kim and Sam said...

Don, Jan:
good to hear from you & yes we do remember. Any time you are in the Southwest give us a call and come stay with us!