December 30, 2009

Gila Burro Mountains Cabin - Part 2 Cabin Exterior

Climbing back down, we get a closer view of the rear of the cabin and the "outbuildings"....

Around the front again, you notice the "permanent" carport on the left, our thoughts are to use this a a ramada (shaded area) for summer outdoor sitting and entertaining.

As I walk back up to the left of the cabin, I capture a nice shot looking just over the top of the ramada carport, and the outdoor swing. One also gets a litle different perspective walking down around the back side of the cabin and back to the front entry.
Around the right side, is the movable carport, shed and dog pen.

Kim had taken this picture of the patio in front the other day before the snow,  I enjoyed just sitting a bit and taking in that wonderful view!

And that brings us back to the front, where we can now explore what's inside!

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LiveWorkDream said...

Wow you guys, what an awesome spread! Love it, love it, love it!