June 8, 2007

Day 1 - Before the Departure

I felt like I would never finish. After going through closets, extra rooms and used rooms; after having a garage sale; posting items for sale on the internet and just plain giving stuff away - continually; after at least 2 weeks of intensive going through things and cleaning up – I finally finished emptying my house!

I wish I had a picture of before, during and after but in all the stress and busyness, no pictures were taken. There wasn’t time to think of picture. Many loads of furniture, knick knacks and just plain junk were hauled away! My daughter, Kristin took what she wanted and what she was forced to take by me. There just isn’t much room in a small apartment for all of her mother’s things.

Sam of course, had gotten the job of taking care of his house after its sale months before. Despite him wanting to “help” me, I insisted on doing it myself.

On top of trying to empty the house, I was busy either finding homes for my dogs or getting them to their yearly vet appointments. By the grace of God, fantastic homes were found for all of my dogs. I am very thankful for my friends for giving them a better home than the one I had given them. I am missing them all!

Some of you already know that Bo, my quarter horse gelding died several months back. That left CW, my quarter horse mare, by herself. I had already found a home for the both of them near Mobile, AL. Since CW was lonely by herself, I brought her to her new home in March. Her home was another made in heaven.

We finally left at 2:30 after working all morning trying to get the house finished – emptied and cleaned. Thanks Lisa for helping make this happen. Towards the end, anything left was shoved in bags and crammed where they needed to go.

We discovered after only a few minutes on the road that the trailer handled differently fully loaded than it did when we had taken shorter trips in the past 6 months. This meant that we couldn’t go any faster than 60 mph without fear of fish tailing down the road. We had a scare when the trailer felt like it was going out of control after an 18 wheeler had sped by us. Of course, this knocked things out of all the upper cabinets.

We only made it as far as Durant, MS. where we spent the night at Holmes County State Park. It was a nice quiet spot with the exception of a yappy dog a few campsites away.

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