June 8, 2007

Day 2

We were up early and on the road. After stopping at Cracker Barrel in Batesville, MS for breakfast, we drove up through Memphis and into Arkansas. We had another scare when another 18 wheeler passed us and sent us fish tailing again. That, the high winds and a sign for Hampson Archeological Site, helped us decide that getting off the interstate and seeing the real U.S. was what our adventure was all about so we left I-55 for the back highways.

The museum ended up being closed for lunch. We didn’t feel like waiting around so we admired the huge cypress trees in the park. Who would have ever thought Arkansas would have bigger and prettier cypress trees than Louisiana? A quick peak in the trailer led to the discovery of a major mess. Everything had fallen out of the cabinets in the last fishtailing episode.

We left the interstate again at Cairo, Ill and headed north of Hwy. 3 to follow part of the Great River Road. Not long afterwards we saw a sign for Horseshoe Lake State Conservation Area. After pulling in and talking to the camp hosts, Jack and Peggy, we found a nice, quiet spot on the shore of the lake. This is a place that made Sam and I feel at home. Who would have thought there would be a place in Illinois that would look just like a Louisiana swamp?

The species of birds in this place are numerous. We saw in just a few hours of sitting and talking, bald eagles, white breasted nuthatches, northern flickers, robins, Baltimore orioles, blackbirds, mourning doves, bluebirds, and cuckoos.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset right over the lake.

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