June 8, 2007

Day 3

We left after a line of thunderstorms went through early in the morning. We headed up Hwy. 3, the Great River Road. It was a very interesting and scenic drive. One of the towns we went through was the town of Chester, Illinois. Chester is known as the home of the creator of Popeye. They say that many of the characters in the Popeye stories were created from people in the town. It was a very quaint town with many old buildings.
After passing through town, I spied a strange mailbox at the side of the road. It was on a pulley. The owner of the mailbox evidently didn’t want to have to walk down the hill from the house to get his mail, so he put his mailbox on a pulley and a wire. All he had to do to get his mail was pull the mailbox up the hill, retrieve his mail and send it back down the hill again to be ready for the next day’s delivery. Very ingenious.

Most of this day was spent on the interstate making our way to southern Wisconsin. We decided that tomorrow morning we would make a tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s home Taliesin near Spring Green, Wisconsin. As a result we had a long drive to make it through the whole state of Illinois. We ended up at Bob’s Riverside Resort on the Wisconsin River. The Wisconsin River is a beautiful smooth flowing river. Sam and I both wished we would have had the time to paddle a section of it. I guess we’ll have to make it back here at some point.

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