December 31, 2005

Big Bend Dec 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR, and hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Kim & I just got back from 8 fantantic days in Big Bend. I had never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed it. The winter is the time to go, since it is mostly desert and would be very hot during the summer. The early Spring is also favored by birders for the migration. The park is so unique! We 2-1/2 days 2 nights on the rim. It was stunningly beautiful, especially the sunrises & sunsets.
From afar like this shot at Cottonwood,

or at the edge of the SouthWest Rim....

The deer were very tame & friendly,
greeting us in SW4 campsite in the morning.

...And, also saw some not so friendly
javelina's down in the Basin......

The birding at Cottonwood campground was so good that we stayed an extra night!

Kim identified some 35 new species!

I had fun with the camera (yes, I'm working on the slideshow, patience here). A long morning at Santa Elena Canyon, hiked the trail to the "slot" ... what a site!

Then it was off for two days & a night on the River Road (4WD territory). We couldn't believe the changes in the terrain along this 60 or so miles. And again, quite a few new birds along the way. We stayed at Loop Camp 1 on top of a 100+ foot high bluff overlooking a bend in the river.

The drive across was an adventure, something near around each corner!

Then to Rio Grand Village, toured the Hot Springs, then another definitely 4WD road to Ernst Tinaja, awesome place!

What we liked:

The "freedom" you have there, lack of rules, no fences or "forbidden" places.
Being able to climb in & "comb" the old ruins.
The wide open spaces .....
The ultimate peace & quiet!
Spectacular Sunrises & Sunsets
The hemmed in canyons along with the wide open spaces -
The interesting rocks & fossils everywhere!
The friendly folks
The mysterious old graves in the middle of nowhere
The birds , the birds, the BIRDS!
The beautiful weather & cool temperatures at night.
The hamburger at the Lodge!

What we didn't like:
Having to leave!
Sam & Kim

December 1, 2005