November 21, 2007

Visiting in the mountains of southern Virginia....

A few weeks back we thought about where we might end up for Thanksgiving. We had planned on visiting Jan and Linda since the very beginning of our adventure. Being full time RVers traveling in the past, they had set up a permanent camp in the mountains near Glade Springs. We pulled in yesterday afternoon to a mountain top campground next to fields, dairy cows and a golf course. The views around us are like a painting. The purpose of this posting is to show you what we can see from here.

We're celebrating Thanksgiving at an organic farm not too far from here. Friends of Jan and Linda invited us all to their farm for free range turkey and organic vegetables. All I can say is "I can't wait!" Look for a post on that in a few days.

I apologize for my fascination with the herd of dairy cows next door. I find despite the smell they are a lot of fun to watch.