May 11, 2014

Lava Butte!

I see what appears to be another Lava Beds place, but decide to take a quick look since my legs needed a stretch.  To my surprise, this was very different from the Lava Beds, no  caves here, just domes and a nice lava flow field below.ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte
ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-001ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-002ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-003First order of business was to drive to the top of a several hundred foot high cone, luckily, my rig was one foot under the maximum allowed to drive up top!  Only a few vehicles are allotted a time window every 30 minutes to make the trip as parking is limited at the top.  The views from up here are spectacular!  Especially out west is Bachelor Mountain.
The lookout tower is not only a tourist attraction, but also doubles as an official NFS lookout during fire season.  ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-008
There is a nice trail around the cone’s crater, giving one a different perspective than the tower.ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-007ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-009
While walking to the Visitor’s Center (back at “ground level” I spy and elusive Red Crossbill, a beautiful creature for sure!
ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-010
A short walk through the actual lava field provides nice views of the cone I had just driven up, while proving that there is some life that can live in such a harsh, barren environment.
ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-011ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-013ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-015
Another great stop along the way!
ALASKA 2014 Lava Butte-014

Oregon–Huge Trees!

Lots of logging history in this state for sure.  Along Hwy 39 I ran across this interesting logging museum.  I’ll just let the pictures tell the story!
Back in the day, there were many huge trees logged,very few remain today!~