February 14, 2009

FLORIDA - Wakulla Springs Tourboat

Well today is rainey & wet, not too nice for a paddle, so we opt for a visit to Edwin Ball State Park at Waculla Springs. After having the famous Navy Bean Soup for lunch at the Lodge, we decide to take the 30 minute boat tour which travels the upper three miles of the River, including a loop through the Spring.

The lunch was delicious, and it wasn't long before we on board with Captain Luke, a hilarious character that made the trip worth it just to hear his southern accented tales & description of the creatures we'd see. For a video sample take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n53BVkTHGps&feature=channel_page

AS we pulled out of the dock and gazed down this beautiful stream, we truly appreciate the crystal waters and abundant wildlife of Florida!

the shores were moving with birds of all kinds....

and, of course, critters looking for a quick meal!

as we appraoch the turnaround point, I glance down and see hundreds of fish swimming by, mostly mullet & bass, wish I had my fishin' pole!

The trip around the backside of a long island rewarded us with more views of waterfowl, including a beautiful pair of Wood Ducks, and several Great Blue Herons.

John took advantage of the meandering journey back to enjoy a few personal stories from Luke...what a great day on the River!