September 6, 2008

Cassiar Highway - Boya Lake - Hidden Jewel!

One of the best benefits of staying flexible on the road is the opprotunity to stop anywhere that looks or sounds interesting and stay a while. One of the best of these impromptu events occured within the first fifty miles on the Cassiar. As we were driving along, this talently crafted BC parks sign caught my eye.

I slammed on the brakes (well, as best you can with a 7000lb load in the back!) actually bypassing it by a couple hundred feet, and said "It's about lunch Kim, should we just do a quick picnic here?" She answered, "Well maybe, I don't see anything about this place." I backed down the highway and made the turn into the park.

So, we drive back to the camping/picnic area, step out, walk over to the lake, and WOW!

It didn't take more than a moments discussion to park the rig and enjoy this fabulous view...

Needless to say, as the afternoon wore on, we couldn't wait to get the boats in the water to experience paddling across these "bluer & greener than the Carribean" waters.
The next day on a longer paddle, I discovered a small island with a high bluff. Quite a climb, but
you have to admit that this view was well worth it...

In contrast to the wide panoramic, here's a tele shot from atop the bluff that really illustrates the dynamic colors and reflectivity of these beautiful waters.

So, what started as a quick lunch stop turned into a two day stay at one of the prettiest spots in all of Alaska! As we took one last look before leaving, we looked at each other and agreed that we'd definitely be back.

 Perhaps we'd plan a future paddle up here with friends. Are you onboard?