May 13, 2008

Multnomah Falls!

This may be America's second highest waterfall, but it surely be our most spectacular. Walking up to this awesome sight, hearing the crashing of tons of water pounding the solid rock from 680 feet above and feeling the spray right in your face is quite a sensation!

A great plus is that it's only a few hundred feet from I-84, and has several great viewpoints. The shot above was from the main viewing area next to the lodge, at the very bottom of the falls. Here, Kim & I are posed on the far right side of the bridge that crosses the pool a couple hundred feet up. Walking across the span was exhilerating, as the chilling spray drenched us. The video here will give you a good idea of the power & force with which Nature hurls the tower of liquid from high above. The Falls are the subject of an old Indian legend and must have been an interesting discovery for Lewis & Clark.

Opposite the bridge, a long, climbing foottrail leads to the very precipice where the stream breaks over the edge, taking one's breath away when you hang out over the railing to get this fabulous view of the scarey plunge to the parking area.

The stream feeding this sight seems somewhat mundane, gently flowing and gurgling through the woods before it's hand shake with gravity.

Aided by this same force, the hike down was a bit easier, providing a few interesting diversions along the way.

One couldn't help thinking about visiting again as we headed back to the truck after seeing one of this state's most beautiful treasures.