August 9, 2008

Halibut Fishing!

It's a beautiful morning as we head out with Central Charters of Kachemak Bay towards the open Gulf of Alaska.
I spend the first few minutes on the rear deck of the boat, enjoying the painted of Nature's miracles, an iridescent sunrise!
A few miles out and off the right side we're treated to a magnificant view of Mount Lliamna, one of the many active volcanoes in the area.
Before long it's getting a bit chilly out back, so I walk inside the cabin and there's no place to sit. I hear a strong southern voice behind me shout "sit with us". To my surprise I turn around to see a gold LSU hat along with some new friends... Michael, Laurie & Jessica. Yes, they're really from Louisiana! Michael graduated from LSU in Wildlife Biology, and a year or so after Katrina, accepted a job with Wildlife & Fisheries here in Anchorage....and yes, after two winters, they still love it up here!

Soon the deckhands were cutting up bait (small herring) and carefully arranging baited tackle along the outside of the cabin with extra hunks of bait along the gunnales. We're ready for action!

We can just see Mount Augustine, another active volcano, in the distance as the boats engines drop from a steady roar to a soft chug, and I hear "drop anchor" and within minutes, we're fishin'.....

I think Jessica pulls in one of the very first fish (hey, it wasn't long) while Dad gets a bit of a tip from an eager to help deckhand. We had twenty-two folks on board, and within an hour and a half everyone has a limit of two. These flounder looking oddballs of the sea can reach 400 lbs, but today we're satisfied to catch "chickens", weighing from 10 to 20. (acytually the best eating).

On the way back, the fish are cleaned and bagged....nice treat not to have to fool with them at the dock. My two wait patiently on the side for their turn at the razor sharp filet knife.

So, what a great day on the water....calm seas, plenty of fish, and new friends from CajunLand!