June 15, 2008

2nd Annual Chickenstock Bluegrass Festival!

Highlight of the visit to Chicken, was the Second Annual Chickenstock Bluegrass Fest. Hosted by Mike Busby & the great folks at Chicken Creek Outpost, the venue included performances by four local groups.

With the Kachemak Mining Corp. circa WWII truck (which certainly looked like it had been through at least one war) serving as the stage, and a Honda generator in back powering the sound, Steve Brown and the Bailers took the stage and provided some great bluegrass covers along with several new originals written by Steve.

With the crowd now warmed up, “Salty Gravy” followed with a rousing second set, highlighted by some great female vocals & harmony and nice leads taken by their fiddle & mandolin players.

The group triggered the dancing to start, many of the locals anxious to show the “Chicken Dance”, but little did we know that more on that would follow.

John Hicks, a native of Victoria, Texas came on solo doing a set of country favorites, followed by a couple of excellent originals. John had the honor of announcing the upcoming “Chickendales” which stirred interest in the crowd as to just exactly what this was all about?
Well, within minutes our question was answered, as the Chickendales themselves came out and taught us all the Chicken Dance. You can see the live version on YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx_XtpV9BNg

Kim, Susie & I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose with these now famous mascots!

The evening wouldn’t have been complete without the final set provided by “The Last Frontier”, led by local favorite Carl Hoffman….
all-in-all ,
Quite a great ending in CHICKEN, ALASKA!