November 20, 2008

Mariposa Grove of Giants

Included in Yosemite, just within the entry gates to the Park is the home of some of California's largest Sequoias. So, off we went to walk among the giants on a beautiful but clear & sunny...perfect!

I guess this is another example of a case where no camera, no picture or video could possibly capture the grandeur of these monoliths that have stood here for up to 3000 years. But perhaps these few images will inspire you to personally take the walk one day, and see and feel this firsthand. We were like kids in a fairyland! So, I'll just let the photos tell the story...



Kim in fairyland, sitting on Bigfoot!

Pretty amazing isn't it... even when standing next to the sawn truck of a "baby" like this one...

and then there was the "Grizzly Tree" which reminded us of our own giant back home in Louisiana, the Cat Island record cypress.

So, definitly on the highly recommended list when you're out this way!