September 23, 2007

Acadia - Lobster Nite

Wow, we are finally at the highlight destination - Acadia National Park, MN! This is the northernmost point of this year's journey, timed to match up with the spectacular fall color display the Park is noted for.

Our late-eve arrival at Seawall campground couldn't have been timed better to sample the one thing we'd all been waiting for "THE BIG CRAWFISH"! Yep, those super tasting Maine lobster.

Thurman's wharf was the recommended site for this "tasteful" adventure, and we weren't dissappointed. The dock was straight out of the picture books, as we settled on a table overlooking the harbor.

Joy was first in line to grab one of those big rascals, I thought she was gonna' eat it raw! While Joy, Kim & Bob opted for "the meal deal" I decided that no tastebud effort, or belly space could dare be wasted on corn, potatoes or chowder - no - not when that 3-1/4 lb chunk of savory perfection was there!

We watched the moon rise as Joy & I broke open each and every piece of shell to retrieve even the tinyest morsel before calling it a night. What a great way to enjoy our first few hours at Acadia!