July 22, 2007

Canada - Nipigon & Quimet Canyon Area

Nipigon is noted for amethyst in the area, and our campground took full advantage of this with a nice display (for sale, of course).

We were especially taken by the professional and spacious internet office....

Although the town had a couple of nice gardens, and a very friendly and helpful amyor, we found the Nipigon River paddle it's main treat. Starting at the town marina, we made the 8 mile paddle (almost out to Lake Superior) crossing the 49th parallel to find some cliffs with pictographs we had heard about. The images were in very poor shape, with intermixed grafetti. The winds were quite brisk from the south, and pushing against the swift current flowing to the lake made for an exciting paddle back. It was too rough to get a picture, but Kim insists the rear of my kayak went under several times.

The next morning we visited Quimet Canyon. This area also had Indian history, and folklore tells of the face in the rock below being frozen into the Canyon centuries ago.

A short hike crossing an interesting bridge brought us to the side of the glacial etched crevasse.

Further down the trail below the Canyon we discovered Rainbow falls, and a nice cool hike through woods where the columbines and mushrooms thrived.

The rapid flow around this circular rock was unique.

On the hike out there was evidence of Indian occupation, a small cooking pothole in one of the rocks near the creek.

We also were amused that those Indians had the same problems with 18 wheelers that we have today.