April 10, 2008

Antelope Canyon

Kim insisted we go pay the Navajo folks for this "guided excursion" into Antelope, a very narrow slot about 130 feet to the "surface". The 4wd Suburban did a good job of taking us up the wash channel and to the somewhat ho-hum entrance.

Once inside, one could easily understand how this would be an awesome place to wander alone, but no such chance...this is a full-fledged, camera totin' tourist experience. So, I'll spare you the details and just let you enjoy some of the terrific views from an extremely interesting place!

Our guide, a Navajo Native herself told of the mysterious powers of the spirits that dwell in the Canyon. Somewhat later, as Kim & I sperated from the main group, I watched in amazement as a lightbeam entered from above......as she vanished!

I began to see and hear the cry of the "lone wolf spirit"....

I caught up to the tour group to explain the vanishing, only to find she had been "beamed" down near the end of the tour!
Interestingly, the spirits altered the walls of the canyon to outline her return....