August 23, 2007

Canada - Niagara Falls

No trip through this part of Canada would be complete without seeing the Falls from the Canadian side, and a fitting way to end the month's stay on the north side of the border. And guess what, all those stories you've heard about "the only side to see Niagara Falls from is the Canadian side", are absolutely you'll see below!

Our stay in this region was at a small campground in the middle of orchards. Yes, it turns out that this part of Canada is ideal for growing apples, peaches and grapes - especially wine grapes.

The beautiful countryside coupled with the free tastings all along the "Trail" made the stay a bit more enjoyable. So, we explored the area for a couple of days, and saved the Falls for last. As it turns out, our favorite Canadian wine was actualy from another area, Pelee Island, which was a bit too far off our rote to visit.

We approached the Falls from upriver, and walking by I remember thinking what a neat whitewater run this would make! Within a few hundred yards, it became clear why none dare run this stretch, the consequences of failure to pull out would be pretty dramatic!
Walking a little further brought a view of the spectacular ride one would have in their canoe down to the bottom. I guess the consolation would be that the "Maiden of the Mist" would be waiting down there to recover one's remains!

It was a dreary, rainy day, but still allowed us to see the "American side", and I must say this is definitely the place to be for the most spectacular views. I guess the sun bursting through to give us a colorful rainbow over the US falls made up for it.

As we headed back to the parking lot, I decided to climb above the crowded walkway and was rewarded by this breathtaking panorama of the entire Falls, with the rainbow hovering below "our side"!