March 19, 2008

Tucson - Life on Wheels Conference

As full-timers we decided to attend LOW (Life on Wheels) to learn a bit more about this lifestyle and all it has to offer. They do a great job with the classes, and the tips & knowledge you pick up from other attendees over the few days of being there together is invaluable.

The second evening was "open house" allowing all to take a look at some of the various types of rigs that others including many of the instructors had chosen for their "home". Being for Louisiana, that provided the perfect excuse for cooking a triple-batch jambalaya right there in the back lot for all to smell & enjoy! With Cajun & Zydeco music in the background it was quite a feast....enjoyed by all, including our friendly canine neighbor...

Speaking of Cajun music and Louisiana, we had two nice surprises while here. Mark, my youngest Son flew out for a few days (it was Spring Break for LSU), and...some new Zydeco-loving friends I had met in Lafayette, LA back in January, Alan & Michele, live right there in Tucson and were able to join us for the cookout!

Mark enjoyed exploring the nearby UA campus on bicycle while we were in class on Thursday.

Friday afternoon, the three of us headed west of the city to the Sonora Desert Museum, which is located within the Saguaro National Park. The city is blessed to be sitting between two beautiful mountain ranges that encompass the Park on both sides! But That's a story for the next post!