November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving With New Friends!

It would be hard for me to say how much ham radio has enriched my life over the many years I've had a license (since age 10), but this Thanksgiving is just one example of how this unique hobby has led to many new friendships and experiences.

Several weeks before Thanksgiving, while we were camped at El Morro, I made several contacts with N2GG, Gil and Danna Gray, who were RVing at the time in southern California.  One discussion led to another, and we realized that we'd pass right through the small town of Belen, NM on our way to the Bosque del Apache for the upcoming Festival of the Cranes.  Gil graciously invited us to come and park the RV at their place for a few days, and in the process of further discovery (based on a comment about flying as a hobby) we were introduced to Ken (KS2R) and Janice Samuelson. 

To make a long story short, Ken and Janice offered to host us for Thanksgiving dinner Tuesday eve at their beautiful new log home in the Sandia Park area just outside of Albuquerque.

The home is filled with unique objects, and guarded by it's three true owners shown here!

The eve started with a roaring fire along with some special before dinner treats.  But, it wasn't long before Gil did a masterful job of carving the mouth-watering bird for the table.  What a great feast with great friends...

The next morning was spent walking off the past night's indulgence, with a two mile stroll in the national forest bordering their backyard.