July 11, 2007

Canada - Sleeping Giant

The Sleeping Giant is a formation of mesas in Ontario which resembles a giant lying on its back when viewed from the West to North-Northwest section of Thunder Bay. The formation is part of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park our favorite area on the trip across the Northern shore of Lake Superior. Its dramatic steep cliffs are among the highest in Ontario (250 m). The southernmost point is known as Thunder Cape (far right end), which houses an interesting bird observatory.

An Ojibway legend identifies the giant as Nanabijou, turned to stone when the secret location of a rich silver mine, now known as Silver Islet, was disclosed to white men. From the moment we entered the Park, we knew it was a special place, receiving a sign...our first bear sighting!

A littlle later, at our campsite on Marie Louise Lake, we were greeted to a family of deer.

The location was a near-perfect setting, the peaceful lake just across from the trailer, with beautiful view of the mountains and a nice place to launch our kayaks the next morning paddle around the 12 mile shoreline.

The paddle on the almost dead still waters was rewarding, scattered blue wing teal in many coves, and a family of bald eagles on the far shore.

That afternoon we visited the small town of Silver Islet, the site of one of the richest silver finds in Canada. http://www.silverisletstore.com/history.htm
The main attraction is the 100+ year old general store.
And a walk down it's streets facing the bay was interesting..... we found one house particularly interesting, from it's unique setting on the cliff, winding bentwood stairsteps, to it's "picture window" outhouse facing the beautiful view of the bay!