August 6, 2008

Back to Homer - Better Weather!

So, we're back in Homer, once again camped out at Steve J's nice place on Beluga Lake. Interestingly, the Saturday Market is located right across the Spit Road from the turnoff to Steve's camp, so we took advantage of the local crafts & music on hand.

Among the many treats were an abundance of homemade jellies and jams, we sampled those as well as the other "local jams"...great people, good food, music...lots of fun...reminds us of Louisiana!

A bit farther down the Spit Road is the one institution that was left standing after the 1993 earthquake, which destryed most of Home and all of Seward! Yes, that's it the rickety old Salty Dawg Saloon took the quake in stride & never looked back. Perhaps it was all the "treasure" hanging everywhere inside that saved the day, maybe just one of those places that can never die. Whatever the reason it's great to have this relic still there for that cold one after a hard day's fishing...

Speaking of fishing, I had heard that the Silvers (salmon) were starting to run just north at the Anchor River. A ride up that way, and from atop the bridge, I saw a fellow landing what appeared to be a big one. Down at the River, turns out it sure's lucky "KC" with a ten pound five ounce beauty!

We head down the road towards the River's mouth and learn that we are on a special road indeed!

While in the area, we did a bit of exploring including a twenty mile drive one morning south of Homer through the countryside. It was nice to get away from the "city". The road ends at the back end of Kachemak Bay at the mouth of the Bradley River.
Here we explore the contrasts of mountains and glaciers across the Bay and small Russian fishing villages here on our side........