April 5, 2011

Grand Isle Birding

It's Tuesday and a front has passed through last night, making for a north wind today - favored conditions for a bird migration "fallout".  So, we head down to the coast, Grand Isle for a day of birding.

Turns out that the fallout didn't occur, and we struggle to see a few species of migrating warblers.  The highlight of the day was back at the "Exxon ponds" on the east end of the Island.  Here we were delighted to find many of our old shorebird friends.

Watching the Reddish Egret do it's dance while hunting for fish is always a treat, but the best shot of the day was this one, where in a single frame we have the Reddish, a Little Blue, a Tricolor, common Egret and several Snowy Egrets - Wow - all five at once - unusual indeed!

April 3, 2011

Arrive in Louisiana!

It's Sunday afternoon, and as we approach the Scott exit (just outside of Lafayette) the rig is magically drawn off I-10 to the north for a quick stop at Best Stop.  Anyone living in Louisiana will tell you that their smoked Boudin, and fresh Cajun sausage is absolutely ranked No. 1 in the State!  A few pounds of each should get us off to a good start on sampling once again that wonderful Cajun cooking.

It's not too much longer before we arrive at our first destination, Angelle's Whiskey River Bar.  This place has been around for many a year, and is noted for it's rockin' Cajun & Zydeco music starting at 4pm every Sunday afternoon! 

As the cars keep rolling in over the top of the levee, we enjoy the beautiful view of the Henderson Swamp behind-

Folks step up to the forty-some year old bar as Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie take the stage!

Within minutes, the floor is moving to the beat of that great Zydeco!  Hey, WE'RE IN LOUISIANA NOW!


Kim & I were shocked today when we pulled into our favorite Fausse Point State Park in Henderson Louisiana.  Louisiana, as of this year, has increased their State Park rates by some 20% and has removed the 50% senior citizen discount for all non-Louisiana residents.

While we support the effort to make State Parks affordable for locals, the removal of extra help for visiting seniors in a time of high fuel costs and rising inflation is a serious mistake!  In an effort to increase revenues, the blind Louisiana legislature and Office of State Parks fails to realize the tremendous loss of tourism dollars to the State that this policy will cause.

So, fellow RVers please join us in our boycott of all Louisiana State Parks!

March 31, 2011

On the Road Again!

We off to a life of RVing adventure once again.  But we are not able to leave New Mexico without a few surprises.  The morning before leaving, we're greeted by some of the neighbors.  I guess they felt that "good bye's" were in order!

Driving out Red Rock Road, a local cowboy bids us farewell.

By Thursday noon we pull into the Escapees RV Village in Livingston, Texas.  Luckily, we get one of our favorite spots in the older section of the campground.  It's great to see the fresh lime-green colos of spring!  A few days of business here in Texas and we're off to Louisiana.

February 15, 2011


Kim has become very involved in making unique southwestern jewelry.
see her beautiful work here: