May 2, 2008

Trying to Catch Up!!!!

just a quick you can see from the sheer size of the last few posts, WE LOVED THE entire Colorado Plateau & Four Corners AREA ....especially Utah.... a land of fun toys, and romping play!

we have moved on to stay with friends in Nampa ID for a couple of days, then plan to head to the Komfort factory in Clackamas, OR for final trailer warranty work...then North to Alaska!

we have a rompin' high speed connection here, but are still a few posts behind due to editing of hundreds of photos, then trying to pick those very few that truly give you the feel for the variety & beauty out here....

so, thanks for your patience, hang in there, keep checking the Blog every few days, and by all means, plan a trip for yourself to this area for this Fall or next'll love it too!