April 5, 2011

Grand Isle Birding

It's Tuesday and a front has passed through last night, making for a north wind today - favored conditions for a bird migration "fallout".  So, we head down to the coast, Grand Isle for a day of birding.

Turns out that the fallout didn't occur, and we struggle to see a few species of migrating warblers.  The highlight of the day was back at the "Exxon ponds" on the east end of the Island.  Here we were delighted to find many of our old shorebird friends.

Watching the Reddish Egret do it's dance while hunting for fish is always a treat, but the best shot of the day was this one, where in a single frame we have the Reddish, a Little Blue, a Tricolor, common Egret and several Snowy Egrets - Wow - all five at once - unusual indeed!