September 22, 2007

Maine - AT Hike

Kim decided she wanted to do a bit more towards her goal of hiking the AT, so we did the segment from the Katahdin Campground, where we started the climb, back to Abol bridge, about a total of 12 miles.

It was a nice day, somewhat cloudy and foggy, but this seem to add to the beauty of the area.

Shortly after starting, we were joined by "Square Peg" (her trailname chosen because her Mom used to call her that as a child). She had just completed the entire AT (done in four major segments), with the exception of this small stretch. She also plans to climb Katahdin with some other thru-hikers tomorrow, which will be the celebration of the completion!

The trail was pleasant, offering some challenging crossings, interesting glacial rocks, and even a touch of those fall colors that we came up here for.

We noticed the colors seemed more intense on the drive back, with the late evening golden light illuminating their foliage.
Bob was particularly taken by this large painted rock laying aside the road on the way back to Millinocket Hidden Springs Campground.

As we pulled up to the trailer, my good buddy & camp guard "Socks" was waiting for his evening sip of fine wine! The perfect ending to a great day!