September 12, 2007

New Hampshire - Franconian Notch

This is a beautiful area, and the only National Park that has the Interstate running right through it! For those who may go here, we found that the campground at Big Rock was the best and also heard that Hancock was great.

It was a dreary morning, and as we left the parking lot, it was raining and pretty cold. (I know down in Louisiana, it's scorching hot!)

We started with a short hike up to Falling Waters, where Bob tested his "hiker's umbrella", almost "falling" into the chilly "waters"! By the time we reached the Falls, the rain had stopped and it was a bit warmer.

We were delighted by a beautiful example of a covered bridge as we started the walk to "The Flume", the most unique feature in the park. A steep, narrow slot cut right through the granite by water over the years, it gives one an eerie feeling, like being lost in an ancient world.

I'll let the photos of the Flume do the talking, they really don't do it justice, as the walk through, over the narrow boardwalk, clinging to the shear rock wall coupled with the vertical views were awesome.

At the "top" awaits a 100+ ft high waterfall, the shot below being a composite of three seperate wide-angle pix to get most of it in. Shortly after, we crossed the pedestrian version of the covered bridge as we walked back to the truck.