March 29, 2008

Canyon de Chelly Deuce & A-Half Tour!

I guess it's been much longer than I'd care to admit since I have ridden on the backbone of the Army's troop movers...the ageold 2-1/2 ton all-wheel drive truck. Kim & I were a bit concerned at first when we saw the $120 pricetag for the " 6-hour" (longest) tuor, but everyone said that's the one to take. You see, the Navajo own and control this fabulous place, and the only way to see the "inside" of the Canyon is with a tour or to hire a Navajo guide.

To say we got our monies worth would be a huge understatement...this was a blast! By far, one of the most fun and interesting adventures of our entire travels. Our guide was a great drive, and very well versed in the history of Chelly (pronounced "Shay") and his own people, Navajo.
The only way a vehicle can enter or exit the 60-mile long Canyon is through the River, and so we did! Driving in mud, sand, water, rock, boulders.....up steep grades, down....down...down, crashing, sliding, leaning so far to the sides you'd swear the truck was going over!
So, once again, the photo can depict the scale and beauty of this place, you simply will have to come & do this one day. So, I'll post a few photos, let your imagination go, and I even tred throwing in this video of the starting dive up the River into the Canyon.....but, sorry it would not load...I'll try agian later.