March 16, 2009


Last eve we witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime event at Cape Canaveral, FL.... yes a night-time Discovery Shuttle launch!

It all started a few days before, with a four hour journey from Hal's place in Dundee to the coast, that resulted in a postponement due to some sort of pressurization loss. We weren't looking forward to the long drive again, But....using Dave's motorhome as a "tourbus" made the travel and event much more enjoyable, as you can see from the refreshments on the table there....

We arrived early and were somewhat surprised to see the large crowds building for this special event. Luckily, we found a spot at the waters edge along the Indian River, directly across from the stunningly tall VAB (Vetical Assembly Building), where the shuttle is assembled to the main fuel tank & solid rocket boosters. The launchpad can be barely seen to the far left, since we are about 10 miles away!
The launch itself was SPECTACULAR!!! no video or photograph can capture the excitement, sounds and just has to be there...but, I did manage to get the actual communications of mission control and the shuttle on the ham rig. so be sure to check out the video with this accompanyong audio atour YouTube site...

As we walked back to the RV, I glanced back and captured the faint colorful remains of the vapor trail illuminated by the already set sun.