February 16, 2008

We're on the road - enjoying the birds!

We left LA late January and have been in TX ever since. We spent some time in the Livingston area taking care of financial business and other paper work that needed to be done. We then started our trip down the coast to bird in one of the best winter birding spots in the US. We've been in and out (mostly out) of cell signal so have not been able to post anything on the blog.

We've started our trip up the Rio Grande and are camped out for the week at Falcon Dam State Park south of Laredo. Every campground we've been at for the last 2 weeks have been filled with people who love birds. We seen many "lifers" (new birds to add to our list) and lots of other unusual kinds of birds.

Some of the places we've visited include: High Island, Anhuac National Wildlife Refuge, Aransas National Wildlife Refuge, Goose Island State Park, Laguna Acosta National Wildlife Refuge, Santa Ana NWR, and Bentson State Park.

We also visited the King Ranch near Kingsville, TX. Here we saw their cattle and horse division and some of the wildlife that live in the area. The ranch is also known for it's birding.

The birding is the best we've ever seen. Species we have seen include: whooping cranes, green jay, least grebe, plain chachalaca, buff bellied hummingbirds, ringed and green kingfishers, great kiskadee, golden fronted woodpeckers, green parakeets, gray hawk red billed pigeon, white tailed kite, white tailed hawk couch's kingbird, audubons and altimira orioles, pyrrhuloxia, long billed and curved billed thrashers, clay coloered robins and verdins.

More pictures to come soon!