June 22, 2009

Yes, We're In DULUTH!

We apologize for disappearing for a while. We've been pretty busy for the past 3 weeks getting up here to MN, and then with Kim's folks after arriving. Our Verizon (aircard modem) signal is pretty lousey where we are staying, but we found a laundromat nearby that has a hi-speed free wi-fi.
Lake Superior is as beautiful as we remember,
and we've really been enjoying the evening hikes with Kim's Mom, Lois and her neighbor, Sarah. They live in a nice apartment complex located right on the shores of Superior, which ties into a network of trails running along the lake and into the downtown area of Duluth.
For Father's Day, we drive north along the lake. First stop is Gooseberry State Park. As Kim pauses to relax at the falls, the kids confirm that summer is here. No relaxing for them, just having a blast in the cooling cascades!

We meet Kim's folks at Ken's favorite resturant located just north of Two Harbors, where we have a great dinner followed by their Father's Day specialty below...YUM!