May 24, 2009

Are We Ready to Settle? Maggie Valley? Not Just Yet.....

While in the area, we got the notion that it may be worthwhile to look at a few cabins, you know, maybe a summer cottage for us, friends and the family? Or perhaps just rental-investment property. Well, you just can't imagine the wild goose chase this has led us on over the past couple of weeks! Wow, did we go look - after about twenty places, some defying gravity at the top of strictly four-wheel-drive roads, what an adventure.

But I will say that Marilyn Eilert of Mountain Dream Realty in Waynesville gave it everything she had for several days!

We'll spare you the endless boredom of going through the entire list of places we visited and just leave you with a few pictures of our favorite of the entire bunch.....

This two bedroom cabin "Little Bear" was the third highest dwelling on the top of Buck Mountain at an elevation of roughly 3800 ft, overlooking Maggie Valley, wow what a place. Our truck barely fit in the small parking apron, impossible for more than a couple of small cars.
But looking arount the porch corner, one just knew the view was going to be very special.

Inside it was beautiful, nicely furnished. Kim was ready to "move in" at first glance.
And, the porch, the porch, the porch!!!!
It took your breath away just to walk out and gaze at that spectacular view!
But, in the end, several aspects of the place just wouldn't work for us. But, how about you? If so, just give Marilyn a call. After days of additional searching, nothing reached out and grabbed us, so we put the search off for another time.