June 3, 2008

Moose Creek and the Stewart River

We spent the night at another clean, quiet Provincial Park at Moose Creek. Although virtually empty this evening, the Campground is on one of the better fisheries in the area, soon to produce Artic Grayling with Salmon to follow in August (well, they have to swin over 2500 miles to get here!). The place was so beautiful, we just couldn’t pull out the next day without taking the hike along Moose to the Stewart River (which flows into the mighty Yukon).

The kid came out in Kim as she skipped along the edge of a high bluff then ran helplessly down the steep side, laughing at how gravity’s pull accelerated the pace to the bottom.

The junction of Moose Creek and the River reminded me of Louisiana, and the many strolls along the Mississippi River. The corner is well known for producing many Salmon late summer, and is a favorite fishing spot for bald eagles as well as bald men.

Gazing downriver to my right, I could have sworn I was at one of my favorite spots just north of St Francisville.

Before returning to the Creek, the trail to the Campground wandered through dark, tall forest…what an eerie feeling when compared to the wide open space along the River.

Just as we met the Creek again, Kim shouted “camera, quick!”. This guy didn’t wait around for the portrait, I was lucky to get a couple of snaps before he was deep in the nearby den.