January 17, 2010

Our Pet RoadRunner

For the past week we had noticed an awfully friendly roadrunner (my trail name by the way!) hanging around the cabin.  It had startled both Kim and I a few times as we'd step out the door and see this thing shooting out past our feet.  I got up as usual to witness the sunrise from our front door and wasn't surprised to find another very colorful awakening.

Within minutes, something catches the corner of my eye over near the swing, and glancing I see our pet pop out, making his morning rounds. 

So as I approached "Benjamin", as Kim named him (oh, I hope it's a him?) to take a few pictures, which he didn't seem to mind.  And Benny (as I'll call him) struts up, looks me in the eye, and fluffs his feathers as if to declare that this is HIS territory!

A small bug jumps to our left, and Benny is right back on the hunt.  After catching and downing an easy breakfast, I move my hand out in an offering jesture, and Ben just has to come in real close for a peek. So, it's another entertaining morning here in the Burro Mountains!

Oh and late this afternoon we get back here to find our other little pets scurrying out of our way.  They are a lot more wary of us than Benny though, so with late eve's light and the telephoto out at about 300, I apologize for the lack of sharpness...

PS: they are Montezuma Quail, somewhat uncommon.  We count a total of six here by the house, and have jumped a larger covy down towards the casita.  Oh, and that's another lifer for me!