September 12, 2009


We're crusing westward on Hwy 2 in North Dakota, when a lady pulls alongside frantically waving and pointing to the trailer. We stop, and discover this! WOW!

While standing there in awe, a truck with some migrant farm workers (from Brazil) pulls up to say they had left their buddy back a quarter mile to recover the tire & wheel. Of course, the wheel was destroyed, but we managed to save the tire.

So, the entire wheel sheared all eight 1/2inch lug bolts, and departed rearward, ripping and crushing the fender well/skirt on that side. Most surprising is that we never heard, felt or saw anything!

Luckily, it happened in a town that had a large tire shop across the road, and a NAPA parts store nearby. So, since everything closes at 2PM on Saturday, we rush frantically to get new bolts, nuts, new seal etc.

The parking lot repair went smoothly, and in about 2 hours we have the new wheel on, and were back on the road.

We decide to camp in a Wal-Mart tonight here in Williston, and discover another problem, when trying to get the slide out. The thick aluminum fender has been crushed around the slideout mechanism, and jammed it.
Out with the aviation metal shears, and wack the thing off! So, another trailer projects awaits when we reach a good landing spot...