April 28, 2008

Moab - Red Creek Trailride

It was a bright, clear morning when we met the ranchhands & saddled up at Red Cliffs Lodge just east of Moab, along on the Colorado. http://www.redcliffslodge.com/

I got a good, solid well trained mount, but they put Sam way, way up there...I guess they figured he was the only one in the bunch with long enough legs to get on & off this big, tall fella.... now there's a real cowboy!

I had been anticipating a good trailride for weeks, out here in cowboy country. We had checked the place out the day before, and I felt this was a great place to ride. The horses were well cared for and steps were taken for safe riding.
Judging from the amount of rocks on the trails, it must be a hell-of-a job dressing & shoeing all these steeds! I know from personal experience just how dirty, hot & sweaty this job can be......humm, and that wonderful aroma!
We decided to "bring up the rear", nice being away from the chatter of kids up front, but ate enough red dust to fill a flower bed. After lots of coaxing, Sam's horse realized there was a reason not to be ten feet behind me!

Up & down the washes...horses stumbling & sliding a bit, made us feel like real cowpokes!

And even a few wide open spaces....

Our trailguide did a great job of letting us work the horses, staying ahead of us and sharing a bit of local history on the Ranch & valley. Part of that history is the movie and television industry's use of this and the surrounding area. She (yeh, a cowGIRL...) showed us Needle Rock??? off in the distance, the site of the famed Chevrolet & Isuzu truck commercials.

Finally through a tight creek heading home....
as we rounded the final bend back to the corral, I begin to wonder if some day Sam & I might return and volunteer to lead these rides. It would be fun.... working with horses again.

Walking back from the stables to the Lodge we spook a pair of geese on "high alert", wondering what all the squawking & squealing is about, when all of a sudden it was very "a-parent"...