May 20, 2014

Hood River, OR

I arrived in Hood River late afternoon of the 20th, hoping to find out from the local fly shop what fishing action was in the area.  I went down to where the Hood River dumps into the Columbia to find lots of sport activity on the water.  Those folks out there sure looked like they were having fun, especially the kite boarders, as the wind was blowing a good 20mph!
ALASKA 2014 Hood RiverALASKA 2014 Hood River-001ALASKA 2014 Hood River1
Hopefully this short movie clip will publish ok, it sure adds a lot to the realism of the story.
The local fly shop pointed out that fishing off of the walking trail near the mouth of the Hood R was “a good spot” for steelhead.  So, both evenings and one morning I was there I wet a few flies, but without so much as a bump from an interested fish.
ALASKA 2014 Hood River-004ALASKA 2014 Hood River-005
I must say it was a very beautiful & enjoyable spot!
So, the full day I was there I decided to check out a couple of the local breweries.  The biggie is Full Sail, whose operation spans a full wedge-shaped two city blocks!
ALASKA 2014 Hood River-012
ALASKA 2014 Hood River-010ALASKA 2014 Hood River-014
Once inside, I tasted four of their most popular beers, and based on my likings, the bar tender suggested a bottle of their special whiskey barrel aged stout, which seemed like an excellent choice!
ALASKA 2014 Hood River-015ALASKA 2014 Hood River-016
Here’s to good sailing at Full Sail!