December 22, 2009

Silver City's Boston Hill

There's some nice hiking right here in the middle of Silver!  The Boston Hill was an old mine site, which eventually was either sold or given to the city some years ago and turned into a natural area of over 400 acres.  Covered with numerous trails suitable for hiking and mountain biking, this is an unusual resouce that most cities would love to have. 

I started my hike at the parking kiosk on the top end of Market St, followed a long sloping trail towards the summit of the Hill.

Evidence of past mining activities abound....

Reaching the summit I was surprised to see blooming cactus up there!

I got this nice view of the valley and city. 

A mule deer spike and yearling jumped out across the trail, moving far too fast for the camera.
The opposite side (southwest) showed even greater evidence of the past.  A nice two-hour hike without ever leaving town!

For more info on trails and history of this nice area see