June 23, 2008

More Trailer Problems - Final Saga?

Midway along the Taylor Highway I had noticed that the front of our trailer frame was "cutting" into the aluminun rock guard. Further inspection revealed that the tongue was actually starting to bend upward, buckling the front cross member.

Luckily for us, the fine folks at Alaska RV are Komfort dealers, so they took a few pix, and senta report to the factory. Once again, Komfort came through with flying colors, authorizing the complete repair under warranty coverage.

The head technician, Gene, had seen similar failures before on other trailers, and repaired many. He did an excellent job using some stout box channel to reinforce the tongue, frame, and crossmember. The work was expeditious and professional. I highly recommend these folks if you're ever in the Fairbanks area and need a repair or supplies.

The owner said that they've seen just about every kind of failure on trailers & RVs over the past 20 years, and explained that they carried Komfort (Trailblazer) because of their good warranty support, so we continue to stay satisfied with our purchase of the 211S in spite of some major problems. We also realize that with over 30,000 miles on the trailer, including the bumpy Alaska & Taylor Highways, a few problems will develop on any rig.

The fine folks at Alaska RV allowed us to "boondock" in their backyard for the Solstice Fest. Hopefully this will be the "final saga" on trailer woes!