May 22, 2014

Trilium Lake–A Beautiful Surprise!

On the southwest side of the Mt Hood bypass, I see a sign on my left “Trilium Lake 2mi”  I actually passed it by, then turned around and came back – something was calling me for sure!

So, I drive back to this place in the middle of a dark forest, park and walk down to the Lake and OMG!  what a sight to behold!

ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake

Later that evening I took the 2-1/2 mile hike around the lake, very scenic place.  The colors and smells were terrific. Although the lake was crowded by folks enjoying the fishing and spring-like weather for Labor Day weekend, there wasn’t another soul on the trail.ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-001ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-003

The pictures here will tell the story, and although I stayed overnight and fished both evening and morning, I only caught a few small “stocker” trout.  But there beauty of this place was well worth following the call.

ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-002ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-005ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-006ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-007ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-008ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-010ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-012ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-013ALASKA 2014 Trilium Lake-014