July 12, 2007

Canada - Sleeping Giant - Silver Isle Paddle

The following morning we return to this unique place of treasure for a day's paddle. The turquoise-green waters waited patiently as we carried boats & gear down the long ramp at the marina.

We decided to paddle Eastward, along the same area we had walked before along Sibley cove, along the cliffs outside of Fork Bay and then out to Sand Island for lunch. The water temps in the Lake are very cold, and unforgiving, and although we really wanted to paddle out farther, higher winds were forcast for later in the day.

The views along the shoreline & cliffs, and out towards the Island were terrific!

The tiny Island greeted us with an array of Nature's most wonderous works of art!

From the landing on it's unique flat rock structure, to the many forms of rocks, colors of lichens, and abundant flowers one to the shear beauty of the crystal waters on the far side, we were in awe at this tiny representation of splendor.

Before leaving the island, Kim found the "message in a bottle". We worked for what seemed like an hour to retrieve this precious recording of words of wisdom from the past. With great anticipation, Kim unrolled the ancient scroll to find the note below.

Close inspection by noted experts combined with accurate carbon dating proved the document was of recent origin by local teenagers. With winds increasing, and seas building, we reluctantly boarded the kayaks for the return paddle to Silver Isle!